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Mar 17, 2017 ... Online MTTs can be fairly gruelling. ... These days screens can be found fairly cheaply, even if it means picking some up second-hand at the local computer ' swap meet'. ... top sites have synchronised break so there's no reason to stray elsewhere: check out the top sites for MTT's by

Buying a Laptop for Poker in 2018 - PokerVIP Apr 24, 2018 ... Online poker revolution allowed many smart people, to become ... for PC enthusiasts but a relatively good news for the average computer users ... do much about those three monitors, you can certainly fit your laptop in an ... Looking to buy a Monitor for Poker! - Unibet Community .... is a slick 4 k tv you plug on your use it as a tv an cpu monitor. Buying the Right Online Poker Computer SetupReal Money Poker

When I started playing poker, I had to think for every move. It took me more than thirty seconds for me to decide whether to call or raise.

Re: Poker monitor in 2017 I actually have 2560 x 1440s in a 25" size made by Acer, they're sub-$300 and IPS panels. I wouldn't use these for high-end graphics works, but for home recording studios, poker, etc they're excellent and the size seems perfect for my desk. best possible poker monitor - Computer Technical Help ... Computer Technical Help Post your questions about computer hardware and software and configuring same here. Thread Tools: ... best possible poker monitor. Best Computer Gaming Monitors of 2018 - Best Monitors Hz

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That's a bunch of nerd speak that loosely translates to: it's a very wide monitor and you can run multiple online poker tables side by side, instead of being forced to purchase and set up multiple monitors. With that geek stuff out of the way, let's look at four of the best ultra-wide monitors on the market. Make Money in Poker? Invest in Multi Monitor Computer Setup However opening more than 4 poker tables and multi tabling at online poker rooms quickly had me thinking of building a dual monitor computer setup. Although you can connect a monitor to your laptop, I opted to build a desktop computer for more power while sacrificing mobility. I guess that is how most poker players remember their first steps in ...

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Buying a poker monitor. One of the best investments I have made to date with my poker bankroll was in real estate, desktop real estate that is. As an online poker player there's no getting around to staring at a monitor. What monitor do u use / is best the play online? — Red ... I believe most basic PC video cards these days support at least 2 monitors. But you don't have to stop there, you could get a premium video card and set up something like this: For online poker, I am still in the stone ages and use just one monitor. Most online rooms offer the option of playing in a line format, but I just overlap tables myself. Monitor & Computer Screen: FAQ for Online Poker Players ... What Monitor should I Buy to Play Poker? Computer magazines and websites regularly test new computer screens and publish rankings of the best monitors. If you use the monitor just to play poker and to surf the Internet, then you do not need a top model with very low response time of 2ms. Best size screen monitor for multitabling? - Poker ...